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What train2teach-online will do for you?


What is “Train2Teach-Online”?


Who can do it?


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Who can do it?


Ideally Train2Teach-Online course is meant for all teachers / Trainers / lecturers / professors who are keen to start their second career along side their job. You may be teaching in schools, colleges, university or as a hobby or a trainee but e-teaching is for all. Even retired and experienced teachers and lecturers can look forward to a highly rewarding career as an online teacher


In the end the Certified International E-Teacher or CIET training program is meant for highly motivated individuals who are keen to take charge of their lives and want to start second income stream teaching online sitting at home. Who knows you might enjoy it so much that perhaps you may take it up full time! 


As an e-teacher or e-trainer what are the career advancement avenues you want to tap?


  • E-Tutoring pupils locally
  • E-Tutoring worldwide.
  • E-Training pupils in your specialisation
  • E-Coaching pupils on your subject
  • E-Counselling
  • E-Mentoring 
  • E-Teaching in Online Schools
  • E-Faculty in Online Colleges
  • Adjunct faculty in Online Universities


Best of all, this profession can progress side by side with your normal job till perhaps you get so much work online that you want to take it up on whole time basis. Click to download Guide


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