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 International Certification


Why international certification is the key to your success as an online teacher?


Just consider how “Certified International E-Teacher” CIET Course training program will put your career at the cutting edge of technology? 


At Train2Teach-Online it is our commitment that through our expertise we will put you in the driver's seat on the road to a successful and personally rewarding second career as an Online Teacher in a matter of hours and weeks.

  • If you have been using computers and internet regularly for two years, CIET certification will give a new lease of life to your teaching career whether you want to work from home or go anywhere – It is going to come in handy wherever you may be!
  • CIET certification is for everyone - You may be a teacher, lecturer, professor teaching in schools, colleges or universities - Employed or unemployed or retired - Experienced or even a trainee – All can do it.
  • Step-by-Step the CIET  certification process will help you to acquire the right technical skills to build a strong foundation that will open the doors to a fulfilling and progressive second career in the e-teaching & e-learning which is a 52 billion Industry.
  • CIET certification is an investment in your future? You either master it today or choose to be left behind in the race for online supremacy of your subject
  • Do you know online teachers on an average earn 10-30 dollars per hour per student depending upon their training & experience.
  • CIET certification will in fact jump-start your second career as an e-teacher simultaneously with your present teaching job!
  • CIET certification will make you a leader in your field bringing you respect, recognition from peers and pupils.
  • CIET certification will propel your career on the fast track to success as an e-teacher or e-trainer.
  • More importantly, CIET Certification demonstrates to peers and the general public your commitment to this profession.
  • CIET  certification is an investment in your future? You either master it today or choose to be left behind in the race for online supremacy of your subject.
  • CIET certification serves to distinguish the professional from an amateur.  
  • CIET certification reflects your personal commitment and professional development and growth within the online teaching industry establishing publicly recognized professional credentials
  • CIET certification program sets the benchmarks for performance, ethics, and continuing professional development (CPD) thus making your career future proof.
  • Through CIET  certification you will acquire the capability to plan & develop your own lessons & teach one2one or as many you can handle depending on your practice of the system
  • CIET is certainly a qualification worth adding to your name – but above all, it is sure to generate income for a lifetime!!!
  • And best part is that after you learn it you don’t have to go anywhere but start teaching online from where ever you are!
  • It may be your home or you may even be on a holiday because in online teaching time, location or distances are no constraints!!
  • All you need is a PC or a Laptop and a broadband internet connection you are ready to teach!
  • Just envision what kind of extra income you could generate eventually with limited time involvement not to speak of how much you could make with full time involvement.
  • Certified International E-Teacher or CIET course systematically covers all aspects of online teaching from lesson preparation to online delivery and career development.
  • More importantly, the CIET course content is simple enough for an average person to understand yet at the cutting edge of technology to ensure it is future proof.
  • CIET is a modular training program consisting of e-learning, online training, internet downloads, face to face e-tutoring in real time & e-testing, benchmarking  and certification.
  • Once you are through with certification - You could straight away start with online tutoring on world class platform. And as you  progress you move on to international assignments as part of the faculty of e-tutoring companies, online schools, colleges and universities. Thus providing you with excellent prospects for growth in this profession.

Ultimately the achievement of “Certified International E-Teacher” or CIET certification is the evidence of your pursuit of excellence and the ability to meet the standards and requirements in the international online teaching profession. This aspect far outweighs what you may have spent on your training. So to start your second career alongside present job - Click here to take a Free Online Admission Test. To send us an email click here. Through a prior appointment you are welcome to meet us virtually on www.skype.com our Skype ID:icpiintl. Email ID: info@train2teach-online.com