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Well this is the single most important question which you will have to answer very sincerely for your own self.


We strongly believe every teacher is capable of teaching online because the basic principles of teaching don’t change but the methodology of imparting instruction live in a technology driven environment needs to be thoroughly understood, absorbed and through practice it should become second nature to you.


Don’t worry the course has been especially designed in such a way that if you are using using computer & internet regularly, we will help you to do the rest in matter of 50 hours online training, testing & certification. At the end of your training and certification you will feel confident to go online and kick start your second career as an online teacher.


In any case before we consider taking you in for Certified International E-Teacher or CIET program, we will definitely check you out through Free Online Test for e-Teachers  whether at this stage you are ready to take on this training program online instruction in real-time. However, be sure if after this test we find you are not ready we will tell you frankly. So that you can take steps to absorb more of computer & internet skills. Once you are ready we will put you through the CIET program and you will be a success.


Remember if you are already using computers & internet daily and have your own PC or Laptop with a reliable broadband connection, a microphone headset, webcam and you are ready to start. The training sessions take place entirely in your internet browser with voice, video, text chat and interactive whiteboard.


Take a Free Online Test for e-Teachers& start an international career as an e-teaching professional.


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