Your Road Map to Success in Online Teaching


CIET Program will propel your career on the fast track to success as an E-teacher

  • The very first step is to acquire the right technical skills to build a strong foundation that will open the doors to fulfilling and progressive careers in this new online media.
  • With our expertise we will put you in the driver's seat on the road to a successful and personally rewarding career as Certified International E-Teacher or CIET.
  • CIET course is a short, simple, practical, hands-on, instructor-lead, face-to-face training program done live with 2-way audio-video interactivity in your browser on an easy and user friendly internet platform. Through mentoring we will transform your present ability and experience in teaching or training into an online expertise is just 50 hours! That’s it and you are ready to begin your career as an online teacher. 
  • ‘CIET’ is certainly a qualification worth adding to your name – but above all, it is sure to generate income for a lifetime!!!
  • E-Teaching is for everyone - You may be a teacher, trainer, lecturer, professor teaching in schools, colleges or universities - retired or unemployed - Experienced or inexperienced or even trainee – All can do it.
  • Online teaching or training profession is a recession-proof & age-proof. And you are answerable to NONE!

  • Just imagine, when recession, unemployment, pay-cuts, job-scaling are the order of the's a fantastic opprtunity to be your own BOSS!

  • This is one skill which will give a new lease of life to your teaching career whether you want to stay at home or go abroad – It is going to come in handy wherever you may be!
  • All you need is a PC or a Laptop and a broadband internet connection you are ready to start!
  • And best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere to do that – Start teaching online from where ever you are!!
  • It may be your home or you may even be on a holiday because in online teaching time, place or distances are no constraints!!
  • What’s more, you can start your career as online teacher without actually giving up your present job!
  • As you gain some experience you can even start teaching students online around the world.
  • You can teach one2one or as many you can handle depending upon your ability and practice of the system
  • Just envision what kind of extra income you could generate with a very limited time involvement not to speak of how much you could make with full time involvement.
  • If you are passionate about teaching and well versed with computers & internet ....we will train you for the rest!!
  • Certified International E-Teacher or CIET certification is the evidence of your pursuit of excellence and the ability to meet the standards and requirements in the international E-teaching profession. This aspect far outweighs what you may spend on your training. 
  • Now are you ready to invest in your future? You either master it today or choose to be left behind in the race for online supremacy of your subject

Finally you could not have chosen a better time to be part of this online-teaching & e-learning revolution which is set to become a 52 billion Dollar world-wide industry this year! So the time to start working on your Second Career is now. To kick-start a new career alongside your present job - Click here to take a Free  Test for E-Teachers. To send us an email click here. Through a prior appointment you are welcome to meet us virtually on our Skype ID:icpiintl  Send email on: