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Can I really make money teaching online?


Yes indeed you can earn good money teaching online. In fact you can make a great living teaching entirely online!  Now question arises how much it could be?


Well it will really depend on your efforts and commitment of time. Idea is to quickly put it into practice what you have learnt in the Certified International E-Teacher or CIET program. Once you have done that undoubtedly the rewards are very high because on completion of this program you feel like you’re on the “inside” of online academia. See what you can achieve and how to make all your hard work pay off quickly! 

  • The very first step is to complete 50 hours Certified International E-Teacher or CIET program.
  • On completion of your certification process start taking practice lessons online in your subject preferably on daily basis with your peers and course mates so that you can get an accurate and critical feed back whether you were able to get through your subject.
  • After this exercise once you are satisfied with your online instructional ability then think of giving free online tuition to your own local pupils.
  • At this stage once you conplete few hours of free lessons to your existing class pupils you can start charging them nominal rate per hour so that they actually take these lessons seriously and  make the best use of these online resources
  • Being your own students you may vary the amount as per local conditions. More importantly, you must test them out and get their feed back to improve your online teaching skills.
  • This will not only generate some income but the bigger gain will be the practice and confidence which you will gain in teaching in an online environment.
  • This will not only make you at home with technological aspect of online teaching but soon you will be well versed in teaching your subject online.
  • Once you feel confident and find the pupils are following what you teach then now its time to move forward and start registering with various international tutoring company websites where you will be first tested and start getting e-teaching assignments in different countries.
  • Simultaneously continue your free or paid sessions on regular basis with your own pupils because these can be one-to-one or in groups depending upon your ability as well as paying capacity of pupils.
  • By and large e-teachers with reasonable ability and some experience in e-teaching internationally could start with $10/- per hour gradually rising to 25 Dollars per hour / per student depending upon your subject specialisation & e-teaching delivery.
  • As you allocate more time to this activity the income levels will rise accordingly. 
  • And as you become more and more experienced in teaching online then naturally you will be paid more per hour / per student.
  • Now once you gain more and more experience in online teaching with the capacity to handle more students at a time then naturally it could further multiply your earnings per hour.
  • Remember the best part of learning to teach online and making money is that you don’t have to go anywhere to do it – Start doing it from your home along side with your regular job.  
  • Now the Good News - In 2010 ICPI -Train2Teach-Online as part of its expansion plans we will require 1000+ e-teaching professionals worldwide in all subject specialisations to join its International Online Guest Faculty (IOGF) program mainly in UK, Australia, New Zeeland, USA, India, South Africa, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, DohaQatar, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

  • So after completion of certification once you gather 200+ hours/sessions experience in e-teaching you will become eligible for training, testing & accreditation under IOGF program wherein you will be provided with regular paid assignments to train e-teachers for ICPI under our CIET program.

  • Remember this income will be in addition to your own e-teaching work. So you can look forward to a thriving second career ahead of you. Keep checking our website for more updates on the IOGF program

Finally are you ready to invest in your future? More importantly, you could not have chosen a better time to be part of this online-teaching & e-learning revolution which is set to become a 52 billion Dollar world-wide industry this year! So the time to start working on your Second Career is now. Are you  ready to change your future? Please click here to take a Free Online Test for e-Teachers & kick-start a new career alongside your present job. Through a prior appointment you are welcome to meet us virtually on www.skype.com our Skype ID:icpiintl  To send us an email any time click here.