ICPI–Overseas TeacherTraining Institute



What makes us the best choice to realise your dreams?

  • It’s our track record, our standards and our obsession for advancing knowledge. This is what we have been doing with distinction for the last 10 years as educators. 
  • We have worked very hard to earn an impeccable reputation as a foremost international teacher training body first of its kind anywhere in the world and continue to work diligently in living up to our name.  
  • To protect and advance the value of our training coupled with your learning experience - We own and operate all our learning centres around the world with the finest hand-picked International faculty. 
  • Remember all our efforts are aimed at fiercely protecting the quality of our instruction.
  • Above all it is designed to give you a holistic student learning experience as a teacher! 
  • At train2teach-online we recognize, while you as teachers manage your own continuing professional development (CPD) and it is up to us as training specialists to support and complement your efforts through a highly proficient, self-managed training program. 
  • If you have the drive and the determination to rise above the multitude and be a trailblazer, then train2teach-online is the place for you to learn online teaching. Hence we encourage you to explore your hidden potential as a teacher and discover what wonders this course will do for your online teaching career in the short, medium and the long run.  
  • Above all, what really distinguishes ICPI certified professional from the crowd is his genuine willingness to embrace change, learn and impart new skills and assume fresh roles and responsibilities with sincerity and dedication.  
  • Ultimately as a Certified International E-Teacher (CIET) you will imbibe the best international teaching practices which will drive high productivity levels from day-one thus helping you to increase your earning potential to a new level. 

Welcome on board to a highly rewarding second career as an online teacher!  So if you are serious about your career you could not have chosen a better time to be part of this online-teaching & e-learning revolution which is set to become a 52 billion Dollar world-wide industry this year! So the time to start working on your Second Career is now. To kick-start a new career alongside your present job - Click here to take a Free Online Test for E-Teachers. To send us an email click here. Through a prior appointment you are welcome to meet us virtually on www.skype.com our Skype ID:icpiintl  Send email on: info@train2teach-online.com